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Building Sustainable Systems of Care

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We are thinking, feeling, moving, relating, and meaning-making training educators to care for themselves as whole people they are better equipped to make space for children as social emotional beings. 

Joshua Hendrickson, Phd, LCSW
Founder of the Project Presence Model for IMSEL 


The Project Presence model for Integrative Mental Health and Social and Emotional Learning (IMSEL) consists of a series of trainings that address both individual and organizational levels within education systems.  We have trained over 1000 educators in this model. This program is available to districts and schools. 


Our IMSEL Cohort Hybrid model is intended to support and enhance professionals in the educational environment social emotional
resources and the integration of school-based approaches to support students’ academic, social, and emotional development. The program
is delivered in a series of synchronous online trainings along with remote individual and group coaching sessions over the course of the
academic year.


Throughout the year we offer online course that support professional self-care and integrative mental health and social emotional learning (IMSEL) domains for teachers, social workers, administrators and personnel in educational environments These programs are designed to enhance relationships between students and adults in the educational environment. Credits are available for selected courses.


We are a team of dedicated social work, education, health, and wellness practitioners with a mission to co-create healthy, meaningful, and supportive relationships. As education consultants we implement integrated mental health and social emotional learning (IMSEL) training for school personnel. 

The IMSEL work is guided by practices derived from the fields of humanistic psychology, mind-body medicine, somatic psychology, narrative medicine, whole-person education pedagogies, social-emotional learning in education, interpersonal neurobiology, integrative nutrition, creative art therapies, and health and wellness coaching.

We believe that individuals and communities already possess the innate wisdom needed to address and solve any challenges they may be facing. we work to support these individuals and communities to develop their own wisdom— derived from their own experiences and values—to realize their visions of healthier, more productive, and more meaningful relationships that help them attain their common goals.

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