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Program Description

The Integrative Mental Health Social-Emotional (IMSEL) Learning professional development training is designed to support and enhance social-emotional resources for professionals in the education setting. The IMSEL program is a school-based approach to support students' academic, social, and emotional development and promote wellness. The program is delivered in (4) full-day small group experiential-based training followed by (5) integrative coaching sessions to support the integration for SEL instruction over one academic year. 

Research-Based Program

The program is rooted in evidence-based practices from the fields of education, child developmental psychology, mind-body medicine, health and wellness, pediatric nursing, neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, social work, and positive and health psychology. The program uses core practices from an integrative whole person developmental approach such as mindfulness, movement, nutrition, narrative/storytelling. All methods come from relational, developmental, trauma-informed, and restorative practice perspectives. 

Program Objectives

  • support healthy emotion regulation and social relationships 

  • improve immune system functioning and promote overall health and wellness 

  • strengthen learning relationships 

  • improve school social climate and collective care

  • reduce stress for students and adults 

  • safeguard against teacher burnout, compassion fatigue, and stress-related conditions 

  • increase self and social awareness 

  • improve healthy and responsible decision making



Teacher Cohort 2018

"Best training I have experienced post graduate level.  It was informative and made me think about my practices as a professional in a way that I have not looked at before.  This is a life changing professional development opportunity that has already had a huge impact on my approach as a classroom teacher.  I am eager to learn more in this genre of educational strategies and mindset."

IMSEL Program.jpg

Teacher Cohort 2016

“I feel the training is one of the best tools and training that I have ever been to--it has improved my teaching and my relationships with students and even my colleagues. It is a foundation to good teaching.... without it you are sometimes flying by the seat of your pants trying to make it all work.”


In a year that teaching couldn't be more difficult--this training program was a life saver for my  students and I. This training impacted every aspect of my professional life--Much gratitude.

Teacher Cohort 2020

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